Choosing the right television for your living room of home theater has raised a real "fork in the road" question for several years now, Plasma or LCD. As the original flat panel days evolved Plasma was the emerging future of the newest technology and was looking like the long term option for production around the world. As LCD's emerged they seemed to offer a solution to the often higher priced Plasma's which were developing a reputation for having problems with "burn in" and a "short life span" of 6 to 10,000 hours. Even though these issues have been addressed where even the most used Plasma television would last 45 years if on every day for 6 hours, LCD is winning out as major manufacturers are abandoning Plasma production including Vizio and Pioneer with more to follow.

lcd television and flat panel tv's

Flexible Rotating TV Stand and Wall Unit by MDF Italia

Some times the TV positioning is not optimal based on the viewing angles in a living room. This is the case in my living room. I have a built in wall unit on the right hand side of the living making "my recliner" the best seat in the house. There are other options, however. This wall unit from MDF Italia features a flexible rotating arm for the TV. In the picture you can see how the TV stand can be turned to create a proper angle to watch television. The TV can then be turned back in, flush with the wall unit, to make for a tidy appearance. This is great design by MDF Italia. Via.

Hi Fi TV Stands by Alivar

These Hi Fi TV stands come from Alivar of Italy and feature a design that can accommodate a free standing television in the middle of the room. Where most TV stands need to be up against a wall Alivar's are designed to go anywhere. The TV units are constructed of wood with an oak veneer. The base is made of aluminum that comes with adjustable feet. From the pictures you can see the choice of colors ranging from black to red to white. The sides offer DVD storage and there is also a shelf for video or other storage needs.


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